If I told you that your single post can be reposted to the most popular platform’s direct from your timeline which in turn speeds up your social media efforts would that make sense? Or that you can sell your crafts via our multi vendor shop for the lowest rates in the market, or that we offer free technical back up to help you along the way. These are just the obvious reasons to join us.

However our social side allows you to create on site blog posts that we will promote with you. You can also hook up with others to share information, learn new things or just simply have some fun. Hopefully now you are starting to see the bigger picture?

Traditional Social media is very much in the moment. We offer your products a home for life. If you make a post, it stays on your time line ready to indexed by all the major search engines. If you blog on site, you can link to your timeline, your own site or even your existing shop, all great content for the search engine spiders to devour but more importantly you are laying the foundations for repeat readers and in turn buyers.

A simple search for example “gifts for men” will show results from a static web site over and above a social platform and as our membership grows, search terms you may never have though of will show in search results. In time this will bring a growing audience which we can all profit from.

What’s the risk?

initially nothing save the time you invest. As the membership grows, we will introduce our multi vendor shop which will cost just £12 per year plus the lowest fees and no listing charges. So all in all at most your initial outlay will be £12. Our social platform is open now so take a moment and join in. Register here.

Too good to be true?

Our pledge to you is to help you to grow which in turn will help us to grow. We have the know-how, the technical support and bags of enthusiasm. Our offer is sincere and we look forward to welcoming you to the community.

So it’s over to you. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved at the start, so don’t dilly dally, get registered now. The obvious advantage of promoting and selling via I Sell Crafts is the simplicity of the name.

Thank you for your time, whatever your decision, we wish you the very best in your endeavours.

Jim and Tracy


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