Hello and welcome, I Sell Crafts is a gateway for craft sellers & craft buyers.

A shop window for any person who spends countless hours creating unique handmade crafts, and for those that want to purchase a special gift for loved ones or friends.

A place for buyers of bespoke gifts and one off purchases to peruse and for sellers to promote or be promoted.

Unique handmade products can often be personalised for a loved ones, friends or businesses and to be honest, hand crafted items need not cost the earth!

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Crafters craft because they love what they do and offer products that are simply not on the high street.

Recycled, repurposed or new to market, craft people around the world are creating products that simply are not available in mainstream outlets.

Seldom are two items are ever the same because handmade products do not lend themselves to be identical! Each item is created specifically for the love of doing so as opposed to mass market appeal.

Anyone can pop to a store and buy a generic product but something that is purchased specifically for the recipient is special, created with love and bought with thought, often, handmade gifts can be personalised for the receiver be it you, or a gift for a loved one.

Take a look at Anne’s bio Covenaunts for hand knitted inspiration and other crafts, Anne is a lifetime crafter and produces some amazing knitwear.

Check out these profiles, for more inspiration.

  • Joolzery, for the most amazing hand made jewellery, Joolz is a self taught jewellery artist and has showcased some of her products here.
  • Hannah Hill from Hannah’s homemade, cards, fashion items and some cute coasters featuring bee’s, that’s to mention just a few of Hannah’s talents.

These are just 3 crafts people who spend hours making homemade crafts for sale, and each one is very worthy of a visit from you.

Supporting artists, designers and makers is supporting the craft industry.

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