Craft hours on Twitter.

With so many #crafthours on Twitter, it can be a truly exhausting time, simply trying to keep up let alone get noticed!

Lets run through the lists:


  • #EarlyBiz – 7 till 8am
  • #ElevensesHour – 11am till noon
  • #UKBizLunch – 12 noon till 1pm
  • #womaninbizhour – 7 till 8pm

Weekly. OMG i can’t be bothered.

The image shows a list kindly published by

The thing is, Twitter can be very very chaotic.

But fear not dear reader, #isellcrafts is the only one you need. When I see that tag, and I will, I will retweet and encourage others to do the same.

Why bother?

#isellcrafts is unique, until we set up the domain, the hash tag was not used, But, you sell crafts, so shout from the rooftops using the hashtag #isellcrafts and get noticed.

It’s all just fun and we are just starting out but a retweet from our account could possibly make all the difference.

So next time you tweet and every time you tweet use the #isellcrafts hashtag and we will retweet on your behalf.

It has to be worth a go right?

Be proud, be loud, #isellcrafts.

Good luck and thank you for your potential support.



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