I’m Anne and I have a small business called Covenaunts. It’s been a long term plan to spend my time knitting and crafting and earning a living from it. From the age of 17 I’ve been designing knitwear although my ideas and techniques have changed a bit since then!

I love fairisle patterns, the way colour and shapes create something beautiful so all I do really is use a bit of maths and 2 needles. Seriously though I do love knitting and finer yarn allows me to add more detail into my knits.

My boho hippie knits are very colourful (my record being 36 colours in one jumper) and I tend to use complementary colours in my patterns; odd word complementary because you’d think they’d be best pals when in fact they are polar opposites and should clash but somehow they work. I love experimenting with colours and patterns and using my skill to make sure what I have on paper can be knitted without needing headache pills.

My third knitting genre is vintage knitting from 1930s, 40s and 50s and these are very popular in my shop. I can scale patterns up a bit but the shapes of vintage tend to be short and fitted although some early 30s ones are more drapy.

When I’m not knitting I’m engrossed in other crafts and I offer a range of gifts made from upcycled fabric and felt. I blame the local scrap store and charity shops around me for way too much inspiration and easy access to materials. My fabrics are from blouses and shirts which I wash and cut up. The felt I use is from a toy manufacturer who donated it to the scrap store to avoid it going into landfill.

Now the important bit, less chat and more insight…..

You can find me on Twitter and my online store link is below.


  1. Anne Donovan 3 years ago

    I can’t believe it’s October already but my order book is full of hats so I guess it’s true! I love knitting custom orders because with these the customer chooses the style and colours; this means I always have lots of colours in stock so if someone wants pink and blue I can find them.

    If you can’t find what you want in my shop, please contact me and ask me.

    • Author
      I Sell Crafts 3 years ago

      It’s really cold and wet in Cornwall so yes autumn has arrived. Glad your keeping busy Anne.

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